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Experience a seamless capital raising journey with KoreIssuance.

Our All-In-One Platform uniquely streamlines the Capital Raise Process for RegCF, RegA+, and RegD offerings, while fostering lasting investor communications that transcend the raise itself, elevating your investor relationship.

Let KoreConX unify your fundraising process and discover how to minimize your capital raise spending and optimize your investor community.

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Global Compliance

KoreConX has pioneered a global ecosystem to streamline and ensure compliance in capital raising endeavors. Its founders established the inaugural Code of Governance for the Private Markets, emphasizing trust, transparency, the absence of conflicts of interest, and freedom of choice. Within our platform, your fundraising endeavors benefit from multiple intermediaries seamlessly integrated into our technology.

“We refrain from imposing fees or markups on our ecosystem partners, ensuring that, as the issuer, you pay precisely what is necessary by having a clear understanding of the roles and pricing for all the participants involved in your raise.”

At KoreConX, we stand by our commitment: we do not levy any upcharge fees on our KorePartners fees to you. Allow us to introduce you to our array of ecosystem partners: Legal, Auditor's, Broker-Dealer, Payment Processor (Credit Card, ACH, Crypto), Escrow, Investor Acquisitions firms, and ATS Secondary market trading ecosystems and process Quarterbacks.

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Private Markets

The private markets are growing 6 times faster than the public listed markets. JOBS Act Regulations $151B (RegCF, RegD, RegA+)

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KoreConX is the first of its kind, an All-In-One Platform that unites tools to securely and efficiently manage your offering end to end.

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“KoreConX has created a complete infrastructure of trust, so that companies can raise capital in an efficient and compliant manner with all required services on one platform. This infrastructure streamlines the capital raising process and simplifies the management of securities following the offering.”

Louis A. Bevilacqua

Bevilacqua PLLC

“We are a global company that requires a global solution. We selected KoreConX because it will allow us to remain compliant with regulations not only in the USA and Australia but in multiple other jurisdictions around the world.”

Liam Twigger

CEO of PCF Capital.

“This is a game changer in a market where resources tend to be fragmented. KoreConX is the solution that brings it all together in one place.”

Peter Benjamin

“The technology provided is leading edge and makes the subscription process and cap table management seamless. The team at KoreConX are not only experts in the space but they are some of the most responsive professionals I have ever dealt with in my career.”

Douglas Ruark

President RegRock Securities Law

“KoreConX’s compliance platform is a game changer for online capital formation,” said Curtis Spears, president, and CEO of Andes Capital. “This partnership will allow our firm to help companies raise capital online more efficiently and provide us all the compliance requirements we need. It will also allow us to provide tools that will improve shareholder communications and transparency for our issuers. These benefits cannot be understated in our ever-evolving private capital world.”

Curtis Spears

President and CEO of Andes Capital

“What Windows is to software, KoreConX is to successful CrowdFunding”

Rowland Hanson

The person who coined & globally launched Windows for Microsoft

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Elevate Your Capital Raise on Your Terms

From pre-raise groundwork to post raise shareholder communications, leveraging the most cost effective solution available for Reg CF, RegA+ and RegD. KoreConX makes it easy for participants in private capital markets to raise capital, manage their investment portfolios, and meet global compliance standards along every step of the way.