Solutions powered by KoreConX for your Issuance Offering “Today, we find ourselves in a pivotal moment where Trust stands as the cornerstone, and its foundation lies in the bedrock of transparency, where stakeholders seek assurance, clarity, and reliability in every interaction”

Issuance and Pricing Comparison

Selecting the right business software is vital. At KoreConX, we simplify the process with head-to-head tool comparisons, helping you find the best fit for your unique business needs.


With KoreConX, efficient compliance and strong investor relations become your business's competitive edge. Step into success confidently with KoreConX's RegA+ solutions.

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Explore the features that set KoreConX apart in the realm of Regulation Crowdfunding. Uncover the benefits of our RegCF solutions.

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Our RegD solutions offer unparalleled compliance management, investor transparency, and data security.

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Complete deals with efficiency and Accuracy

Simplified Due Diligence

Within the comprehensive KoreConX All-In-One Platform, the DealRoom solution serves as a pivotal support system for companies, managing the entire process seamlessly. This includes setting up offerings, partner selection, due diligence, and real-time monitoring of live offerings. Kickstarting the fundraising journey, a tailored checklist allows effortless uploading of corporate records, cap tables, financial data, signed documents, legal agreements, and more. Leveraging pre-populated information from the platform enhances efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Secure Virtual Data Room

Ideal for fundraising, mergers, and acquisitions, our Secure Virtual Data Room is seamlessly integrated with funding, legal, and compliance resources. Gain immediate access to a comprehensive suite of tools and information, ensuring a secure and efficient environment for all your financial activities

Straightforward Outreach and Management

With connected partners, companies can maximize opportunities without duplicating efforts. KoreConX provides access to the right partners based on the needs of the company and its targeted investors.

The All-in-One Platform

You have embarked on or are in the midst of raising capital for your business. In this pursuit, you seek the most cost-effective, compliant, and efficient technology solution to orchestrate all your pivotal fundraising activities.

Your investors now anticipate a seamless, consistent communication method and frictionless experiences with each investment. Unfortunately, navigating the private capital markets often means grappling with fragmented, piecemeal solutions.

These come with layered costs, subpar user experiences, and heighten concerns regarding trust and risk


KoreConX technology and our partner ecosystem simplify fundraising, consolidating stakeholder functions into a one-stop solution for transparency and choice. Our platform is purpose-built for regulations, adaptable to changing requirements, and serves private companies and investors across sectors and growth stages. From compliant onboarding to payment facilitation, cap table management, and shareholder communication, businesses can manage fundraising, interactions, and governance in their private label environment. KoreIssuance enables swift, seamless, and distinctive capital raising.


Manage, moderate and measure investors anytime, anywhere. Build better relationships with your investors with secure investor communications, e-voting, and governance tools and so much more.

Minute Book
(Virtual Minute Book)

Unlock the power of our electronic repository, housing essential records and documents integral to company formation, governance, and decision-making processes. Dive into a wealth of information, encompassing meeting minutes, bylaws, shareholder agreements, financial statements, significant contracts, and more. Experience seamless access to a centralized hub that streamlines document management for heightened efficiency and organization.

Cap Table

Elevate your digital asset management with a comprehensive solution that guarantees security and inclusivity. Access real-time equity and debt information effortlessly, managing a myriad of security types, such as equities, security tokens, debts, SAFEs, promissory notes, debentures, options, warrants, and more, all through a centralized and highly secure platform.

KoreID Verified

Is integrated with the KoreChain all-in-one for seamless real-time information for the general public and to provide regulated participants verifiable information for everyone to transact. KoreID Verified is a certification mark for Issuers who are raising capital to place on their website to display alongside their other certifications to give investors confidence that the Issuer’s site is trustworthy.

Compliance Desk

Designed for secure and private information access, exclusively for regulated broker-dealers and compliance officers conducting KYC/AML verification of investors.

  • Regulatory Functional Logic
  • Compliance Management solution, multi-jurisdictional
  • KYC, ID, AML, Investor verification, Bad Actor check, Background check, suitabilityt
  • KYP, Due Diligence check
  • Payment and Escrow
  • Document signing
  • Email Triggers for Attestations
  • Email Triggers for Investors KYC, Payment Errors


Secure dashboard for effectively managing all investments, streamlining portfolio tracking and analysis, optimizing exposure management, liquidity tracking, and performance reporting in real-time.

Digital Securities Protocol (KoreProtocol)

Secure dashboard for effectively managing all investments, streamlining portfolio tracking and analysis, optimizing exposure management, liquidity tracking, and performance reporting in real-time.

  • No Mining
  • No Gas Fees
  • Fully-compliant
  • Decentralized Permission Blockchain “KoreChain”
  • Universal protocol for within Hyperledger Fabric nodes
  • Integrated to Regulated Issuance Platforms (RSI)
  • Integrated to Secondary Markets Platform (SMP)
  • Fully Integrated with KoreConX all-in-one solutions
  • General Public
  • Entity verification
  • Individual verification
  • Open to public
  • Real-Time information, and disclosures
  • Integrated with KoreID

Elevate Your Capital Raise on Your Terms

From pre-raise groundwork to post raise shareholder communications, leveraging the most cost effective solution available for Reg CF, RegA+ and RegD. KoreConX makes it easy for participants in private capital markets to raise capital, manage their investment portfolios, and meet global compliance standards along every step of the way.